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Who We Are

We aren’t interested in the status quo. We are taste-making artists, composers and producers, interested in making music and sound that inspires us, our clients as well as the consumer.

What is the status quo? It’s the stuff that drives us nuts - stock audio, loops, and sounds that have been played on countless ads, television shows and movies. It’s the short cuts that compromise the vision and potential impact of a spot. It’s playing it safe instead of pushing boundaries. It’s all of the things that In House avoids like the plague.

The music we make is different. It’s alive - it’s edgy, it’s unexpected and we’re proud to put our name on it. It’s all of this and more because we don’t shy away from a challenge, we believe the best work is done through collaboration, and we have the team to take it there.

-In House

In House

Christopher Wray is the creator and driving force behind In House Music & Sound. His experience in the music industry as a songwriter, session musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer arranger, touring musician and producer gives him a unique perspective on music and how it relates to other creative mediums. Christopher spent 6 years working for world renowned film composer James Newton Howard and has contributed to numerous films as a source writer, multi instrumentalist, sound designer and synth programmer. He has also worked with artists spanning genre’s from rock, country to hip hop contributing to works from Weezer to Sia & Kanye West as well as many others. The two words Christopher likes to use when describing In House is fearless and collaborative. “We have a vision to push the creative boundaries of what music for film, television and advertising could be. We’re passionate about our work and we love a challenge.”